Mind Muscle Connection

How much do you actually focus on your body when you exercise? Whether you’re having a chat with a friend while you do lunges or just aimlessly counting your reps while you do push ups, your lack of concentration and mind-muscle connection is costing you results!

What is ‘Mind Muscle Connection’?
Your brain controls your muscle movement, and the mind-muscle connection refers to the relationship between the brain and muscles which makes body movement possible. The more you can improve the synergy between your mind and your muscles, the more strongly and powerfully your muscles can work when you exercise. Studies have shown that when you actively think about the muscles you are targeting while performing a resistance exercise, those target muscles activate more strongly. So if you concentrate on your glutes while you lunge or on your pecs while you do push ups those muscles will recruit better during the exercise, meaning you will be STRONGER with each rep, get BETTER WORKOUT with time and get results FASTER!

It can be hard to stay focused all the time when you’re working out, especially if there’s a lot of people around you or you’re feeling tired after a long day of work. But if you have trouble activating some muscles or you just want to build more muscle and tone in a particular area improving your muscle-mind connection is a great way to boost your muscles and your workout – all you have to do is FOCUS ON SQUEEZING TARGET MUSCLES as you complete your resistance exercise!

Give it a try and feel the difference!

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