3 Key Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain and Improve Knee Tracking

If you have knee pain, or your knees cave in when you exercise, or even just when you walk, you might have really tight muscles in your thighs and in your hips.

This is something you should really try and work on! Not only is it going to reduce the pain in your knees, it’s also really going to help improve your movement and prevent long term damage to your joints and to your muscles.

It’s easy to fix, it just takes a little bit of muscle release. So I’m check out our three favourite muscle release exercises for your hips and your thighs – foam rolling of the Adductors, ITB and Quads. Aim to do at least 30 seconds on each side for each exercise, and really try and relax your muscle into the roller and pause on those extra sore spots.

If it hurts you, that’s actually a sign that you really need to do more of this!! So try and incorporate it into your training. Do it before and after your sessions. It will free up your muscles and help your knees move better when you’re exercising.

Do you struggle with knee pain or movement? Fin out what knee tracking is and how to improve your knee movement here.


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