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About Peachi PT

At Peachi Personal Training our goal is to help our community incorporate regular exercise into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Whether you are looking for one-on-one sessions in our private studio, individualised coaching in small groups or a challenging and fun group class program, we have something to suit your needs and get you on your way to being your best!

We are all about educating and assisting our members to make changes they can stick to and maintain for the future - no fad diets, counting calories or ridiculous expectations. Why? Because quick fixes can get good results short term, but long term they're not feasible, leaving you right back where you started!

Peachi PT aims to help you set up healthy and realistic habits that will get you great  results and help you keep them for good! We are a strong and supportive community aiming to empower our members to reach for goals they never thought possible and have fun in the process!


We promise to:

Help you incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle

Educate and assist you to create healthy nutrition habits

Continue strengthening our energised community

Provide next level service to all our members

Empower you to set and achieve your goals

Challenge you to help you become your best self!


The Peachi PT Way


We are dedicated to tailoring our program around what YOU need to make your lifestyle a healthy one. Our programs cater to all fitness levels, and we ensure sessions are modified to suit YOUR body, YOUR goals and YOUR preferences. We take personalised service and support to the next level for our members both in the studio and in their everyday lives.


We are committed to making exercise varied, challenging and fun. Our combination of traditional and functional training methods ensures you don’t repeat the same session week after week, so your muscles and mind are always stimulated. We love challenging and supporting our members to achieve results they never thought possible on their own.


Feeling good is high on our list of priorities, and we pride ourselves on being a dynamic and positive community, not just a place to exercise. Being a member of Peachi PT means you are part of a fun and supportive network of people who encourage and empower each other to live an active lifestyle and achieve their goals, no matter what they are.

What We Offer


Prices start from the below. To review a full listing of prices and schedules please have a look at the individual service pages.

Shared PT

Starting From $35

  • Individual programming
  • 3 - 4 people in a group
  • PT at a fraction of the cost

Group Classes

Starting From $12

  • Fun team environment
  • 3 different class styles
  • Range of options to suit you

Personal Training

Starting From $56

  • One-on-one
  • Specific goal focus
  • Accelerated results

How It Works

Are you interested in bettering yourself - moving better, feeling fitter, reaching goals and incorporating exercise into your routine to create a healthier, happier lifestyle?

If the answer is 'yes' we would love to have you as part of our growing community! 

  • Contact us or book a Kickstart Consult
  • Chat with us so we can find out more about you and what you want to achieve
  • Work with us to create an action plan to get you started in one of our programs





After 3.5 years of training and losing roughly 20kgs, I thought it about time I gave Kim and the team a worthy review. I reckon you that have firmly established yourself in the greater neighbourhood and surrounds as the place to be if you want to better yourself both physically and mentally for the challenges of life. You have been there for me from the start, when I struggled to run 300m through to my personal achievement of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro earlier this year. Your all round approach of resistance training capped with cardio and a sprinkle of mobility is key for me and my needs. Thanks KP. You're the best.


Was introduced by a friend a year ago and have never looked back. She introduced me to lifting weights and pushed me to succeed with my goals. I recommend Kim to anyone who has any exercise or health related goals to fulfil. She will make them achievable.


I have been training with Kim now for approx 8 years and I can honestly say that the dedication she has to her clients goes beyond anything I have seen before. I have done both personal training and group classes at Peachi PT and each session is always different, always at a suitable fitness level and always fun, especially the group classes!! She recently started incorporating mobility into my session and I have found that my technique is much better and my range of motion has improved dramatically. I would definitely recommend Peachi Personal Training to anyone wanting to start their fitness journey or anyone looking for that little extra push.


I was introduced to Kim and training by a great friend of mine. Kim has managed to interest and motivate me to achieve those small goals I have been setting. Kim and the team are all definitely an 11/10.... 🙂 Thumbs up!!!



Peachi Personal Training has been selected as one of our Most Popular Coaches by!


#6 Most Popular Coach in North East Melbourne


#20 Most Popular Coach in the Melbourne Region

#24 Most Popular Coach in Victoria

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